Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll - Part 4

How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll


Draw a plan and make cores with sawdust.

Model details with sawdust mixed with stoneclay.

Carve ancle holes and fix joint balls with epoxy resin.

Fix joint balls on the top of thighs and check the balance.

Here the parts under the knees seem short, so remake them a little longer.

Put joint balls into the knee holes and fix them.

Check tne balance of every parts.

File the surface with sandpapers, put stoneclay allover, and make the surface smooth.

Joint Caps

Put stoneclay on the head and the body, and make the surface smooth.

Make caps in all the joint holes.

Put stoneclay on a hole, and press a joint ball wrapped in plastic wrap.

Remove excess stoneclay around the hole and fix the cap.

Joint Holes

Drill holes in joints. In both legs,loops of elastic run from the ancle up through the knee hole and the leg hole andup to the head both loops being hung on a hook inside the neck.

For the arms, the elastic loop is attached to a hook inside one wrist, then thread through elbow and shoulder hole and out through the oppsite one and attached to a hook inside the opposite wrist.

Drill three holes in elbow, knee, and leg joints and cut long.

Drill a hole in the center of neck, wrist, and ankle joints.

For shoulder joints dril holes in the center and cut up and down.

Thread Piano wires

Drill holes in neck, elbow, elbow, wrist, leg, knee and ankle joints with a pindrill.

Tread piano wires inside the joints through the hole and cut with nippers.

Fix the end of the wire with stoneclay.

All parts are prepared.

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