Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll - Part 2

How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll

Setting eyes

Cut the head open and rake the styrofoam

Make the eyeholes with a chisel

Glass eyes

You may prepare some sets in different size and choose your favorite size.

Fix the eyes with stoneclay mixed with bonding agent.

Close the head with sawdust and stoneclay mixed with bonding agent.

Head and body

Make the detail around the eyes and other parts of the feature.
After the face has been finished, file the surface smooth with rough sand papers.

Draw the outline of ears and make the external ears with sawdust and stoneclay.

Make armholes, legholes and neckhole in the torso and rake the styrofoam core.
Model it further, and file smooth.

Put the head into the neckhole in the body and see the balance of them.

Now you can see the hip is too small for the head.

Draw measure on the surface to check the symmetry and irregulars.

Make the detail and file the whole more.

Also see How to assemble the ball jointed doll


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your tutorial your dolls are beautiful :)